Train Blocking Blue Mountain Drive

What to do if a train is blocking Blue Mountain Drive

First, make a note of these location numbers: Union Pacific mile post (MP) number: 22.41, DOT location ID number: 253-298N.

Second, call the Union Pacific grade crossing hotline: 1-800-848-8715. If you can’t get through, call the 24/7 critical call hotline: 1-888-877-7267.
Give the crossing MP number and the DOT number.

Third, call the Arvada Police, 720-898-6900.  Blue Mountain Drive from our sign north, and the RR crossing are in their jurisdiction. Explain the problem and give the dispatcher the crossing MP number, the DOT location number and physical location: RR crossing at Blue Mountain Drive, just to the south of CO HWY 72, near the fire station. Tell the dispatcher that you have reported the problem to Union Pacific and relay what you were told regarding duration of closing, etc.

Finally, call the Jeffco Sheriff, 303-271-0211.  Blue Mountain Drive on the south side of the Blue Mountain entrance sign is in their jurisdiction. Give the Sheriff’s dispatcher the same information given to the Arvada Police.

Important: Be sure to call back when the train has moved, so an all-clear message can be sent out.