BLUE MOUNTAIN Recorded May 10, 1962 PROTECTIVE COVENANTS Book 1476, p. 46

THE UNDERSIGNED, being owners of the real property described as follows: E 1/2 Section 24, T2S, R71W and W 1/2 Section 19, T2S, R70 W of the 6th P.M., County of Jefferson, State of Colorado, for themselves, their heirs, grantees, successors, and assigns covenant as follows:

1. Specified tracts shall be used for private residential purposes and not more than one single family dwelling and accessory outbuildings, not exceeding that allowed height for a dwelling, all for private use only, shall be erected on each lot or tract, and no dwelling or accessory buildings shall be constructed within 20 feet of side lot or tract line, nor within 30 feet of the front lot or tract line.

2. Each single family dwelling, exclusive of garage and open porch, shall have a minimal ground floor area of 1200 square feet. All structures shall be of good quality, constructed by a builder or general contractor, built in accordance with the Jefferson County Building Code and Specifications, and shall be completed within one year of the beginning of construction.

3. No privies, outhouses, or outside toilets, nor sheds except as necessary in the course of construction of a dwelling shall be erected and allowed to remain.

4. Clotheslines shall be of the “umbrella” type, and placed so as not to offend the comfort and appearance of neighbors and neighboring property.

5. Only enclosed incinerators with proper fire protection covers shall be used for the disposal of burnable trash and waste.

6. All sewage shall be disposed of only by systems approved by the local board of health and all plumbing must conform to state regulations and requirements.

7. No trailer tent, basement, garage, barn, or any other structure of a temporary character shall be occupied as a residence whether temporarily or permanently.

8. No lot or tract shall be used for any multiple family unit, boarding or rooming house, nor for commercial or industrial use, nor for display of billboards, posters, and advertising displays, except for such lots or tracts which, from time to time, are specifically designated by Blue Mountain Corporation for such use or uses.

9. All buildings shall be of brick, stone, or frame construction, or combination of same. No exterior stucco or unfinished cinder block building shall be erected or permitted on any lot or tract, nor shall any residential building be roofed with sheet metal or rolled roofing unless covered with gravel or similar substance. No building shall be constructed with an exterior covering of black or tar paper, or pine slabs, or unfinished milled log siding, or sheet metal, or of similarly unsightly material or appearance.

10. No animals, other than two dogs, two cats, and two horses, (provided such horses are adequately restrained by suitable fencing upon the owner’s property) as pets only, and not used for commercial purposes, nor any fowl or poultry shall be kept on any lot or tract.

11. General appearance: no owner shall allow to be exposed in an unsightly manner or setting any fuel tank, flood light, light posts, pile of firewood, or any other unsightly structure or condition. Trees or stones or ground cover shall not be removed except to the extent necessary for the construction of improvements upon the property.

12. All plans and specifications for construction of buildings or other improvements shall be submitted, prior to the commencement of any such construction, to Blue Mountain Corporation for review and approval as to conformity of such plans and specifications with these protective covenants.

13. Dedicators reserve unto themselves, their heirs and assigns, an easement five feet in width, along all interior and side and rear lot or tract lines for the installation, maintenance, and operation of utilities, including those for water, gas, telephone, and electric lines and appurtenances; and the right to grant, convey, assign, or transfer such reservations to any person or corporations, private or municipal.

14. Invalidation of any one or more of these covenants by judgement or court order shall in no way affect any of the other stipulations, conditions, or restrictive covenants, all of which shall remain in full force and effect.